West Babylon NY 11704

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West Babylon NY 11704

West Babylon is the home of the County-operated Bergen Point Golf Course and Country Club.

The hamlet of West Babylon, located in the Town of Babylon, is a neighborhood not only of strong community ties but of devoted individuals and groups who have a passion for preserving the history of its area. Despite its size, being the most populous hamlet in the Town of Babylon at 43,000, West Babylon has retained its sense of history. Formerly a large property designated for the cultivation of tulips, West Babylon has grown into a bustling population center in the Town of Babylon.

Distinguished by its strong community ties and volunteer groups, including the Lions Club, Little East Neck Merchants, Taxpayer’s Association, the Beautification Society, and the Parent Teacher Association, the town is devoted to preserving its heritage, and has recently constructed a windmill at the corner of Route 109 and Little East Neck Road in celebration of its history. In addition, Little East Neck Road has been declared as a National Historic Site.

West Babylon has bred more than its share of acclaimed individuals. The acclaimed poet Walt Whitman taught school here briefly in the winter of 1836-37. CNBC news anchor Geraldo Rivera originated from West Babylon, as did Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Billy Koch. Jonathan Reese, a star lacrosse player in the NCAA who holds the single season scoring record, also hails from this hamlet.

Windmills and tulips: Two historical images of West Babylon

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