Lindenhurst, NY 11757

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Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Lindenhurst Village has parks, a thriving business district, affordable housing, and is called The Home of Good Schools. And, there's plenty of open space to live and raise a family. Photo by Cliff DeBear

The Incorporated Village of Lindenhurst, located on the south shore of Suffolk County in Babylon Town, is home to 27,000 residents. It is the fourth largest incorporated village in New York State. Lindenhurst’s history dates from the Native American Massapequans and Secatogues, who originally named the area Neguntatogue ("forsaken land"). English settlers first came to this area in the 1600’s, and their dispersal among the Native American lands prompted Jonas Wood to sign a treaty with the Secatogue tribe in 1657, which granted the settlers a small section of land named "Huntington South."

The population concentration of the area, agriculture, remained unchanged until 1867, when the first railroad to access the area was constructed. Charles S. Schleier, a German immigrant who made his fortune in Brooklyn, seized upon this new area, with its newfound connection to outside regions, and dreamed of turning it into a haven for German immigrants. On June 6, 1870, the area was officially named the "City of Breslau" and it soon became a harbor for Germans looking to succeed in America. In the next two years, the town’s first Catholic Church (1870) and the first Lutheran Church (1872) were constructed.

Formerly an agricultural area, Lindenhurst now became a manufacturing site. Its primary industries from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s included tailoring, Swiss embroidery, papier mache, and production of cigars, safety pins, metal fasteners, tar paper, artificial flowers, and so on. Today, the town is known for its construction of electrical goods, aircraft parts, textiles, and metal products.

Lindenhurst officially became an incorporated village in 1923, and its police force was first initiated in 1924. Since that time, the Police Department joined with and became part of the Suffolk County Police Department.

Feller's Pond, Lindenhurst, a popular spot in the Village with historical significance. Photo by Cliff DeBear

Lindenhurst serves as the hometown for a bevy of celebrities. Of television fame, Dan Lauria ("The Wonder Years"), Jack Barry ("Quiz Show"), and Lee Korombocas (two-time Emmy recipient for the "McNeil News hour") all hail from the village. Singer Pat Benatar formerly called Lindenhurst her home, and two recent mayors of Lindenhurst. Salvatore Locascio, a star lacrosse goalie named to both the All-American and All-World team, also spent his early years in Lindenhurst, along with the current Vice Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Stonybrook University Hospital, Dr. Tony Biancanello.

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